About 2

Shiang Jewelry is a creative journey and evolution.  Like life itself, a company grounded in creative endeavors is started with an intention and then continues with to grow fueled with  sources of  inspiration and the ever changing environment that surrounds us.

I have been blessed to grow up with Taiwanese parents in an American World.  This provided a fertile ground for the mixing of eastern and western philosophies that has transferred into my works.

Pieces in my collections include literal designs such as Dragons and Phoenixes that represent the male and female sexual energies in ancient teachings.  These pieces not only  reflections of these meanings, but are also windows into the emotional landscapes I was in at the time.  These were pieces were a clear example of a moment in my life that was focused on courage and rebirth.

Every piece in the Shiang collection has  a merging of current intention and ancient sacred symbolism. This merger reflects my inner souls desire  to leave this place a better planet.  

Each piece is meticulously hand made in Los Angeles.   

Portions of the proceeds go towards charities that I believe in.